What Qualifies as a Deck?


In architecture, a deck is a flat, usually roofless platform. It’s typically constructed outdoors and connected to a residential or building structure. In this article, outdoor space and siding installation company Eagle Creek Siding, LLC explains the difference between patios and decks.


Defining Patios and Decks

Patio’ is a Spanish word meaning a courtyard or playground of a house or establishment. However, while a courtyard is traditionally an open space surrounded by walls, a patio is an open space that doesn’t have to be enclosed with structures and can be located directly on the ground.

Patios can either be attached to a house or detached from it. They’re often built using concrete, stone, tile, brick, pebbles or rock. Since patios are situated at ground level, they don’t require safety railings. On the other hand, decks are primarily made of wood, composite wood or vinyl. They can also be freestanding or attached to a house. Decks can be constructed at different heights and often need railings.

Before starting your exterior renovations, be sure to check the local zoning requirements, as these laws might determine whether your backyard space will become a patio or deck.

What Makes Patios and Decks Similar?

Both patios and decks are outdoor spaces that serve as activity centers or extensions of living areas. Other features they often share include:

  • A pergola that can be added for either shade or privacy.
  • An outdoor kitchen, which can be situated on a patio or deck.
  • Both can accommodate fire pits, although a fire fixture on a deck will need a fireproof material such as ceramic, porcelain or concrete.
  • Both can surround a pool or other outdoor space.

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