What to Expect During a Siding Replacement Project


No one wants an outdated, shabby exterior. However, many homeowners take on a siding replacement project without knowing the essential steps to take before, during and after the installation. In this article, leading exterior renovations contractor Eagle Creek Siding, LLC breaks down the general process of replacing your siding.

siding replacement

Before Construction

An experienced siding contractor will order a dumpster in which to deposit the material that gets torn off and send your new siding to your property at least a day or two before the installation team arrives. Some municipalities may require a permit for a dumpster or rental bin, so make sure to discuss this with your contractor ahead of time.

The Re-Siding Work

When the designated installers arrive, they’ll familiarize themselves with your property and start to set up workstations. The first initial step is to remove your existing siding. Since the residing work is usually hectic and messy, a reliable crew will tidy up as the work progresses. Your siding replacement contractor may also leave their scaffolding in place during the construction period.

Unforeseen Repairs

When your siding has been torn off, any damage to your home will be revealed to the contractor. These issues are not totally out of the norm, but it’s better to fix them before your brand-new siding is installed. Otherwise, you’ll likely deal with bigger, costlier problems in the future.

New Siding Installation

After the old siding is taken down and repairs are completed, your contractor may proceed to install or replace the weather-resistive barrier on your home. This is to protect your exterior from water penetration and provide breathability to your home’s structure. Afterward, the team will begin to install your new siding and trim materials.

A typical tear-off and installation can take anywhere from seven to 14 days. However, there are a few things that can prolong this expected timeline, like unexpected repairs and whether or not your siding needs to be painted.

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