What You Need to Know About Siding Repair vs. Replacement


“Should I replace or repair my siding?” This is one of the most common questions we receive from homeowners. The answer depends on many different factors. In today’s article, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, the leading multi-family siding replacement company in our local area, explains everything you need to know about replacing or repairing your siding.

Siding Repair

Repairing your siding is generally the way to go if the damage is minor or limited to a few siding boards. For instance, if your vinyl siding cracks, then we can simply replace the damaged board without having to do the same for all of your home’s siding. This is also possible with aluminum siding. Minor to moderate mildew and mold can be removed from your siding, as well. If there are loose siding panels, then we can replace these faulty panels.

Siding Replacement

As the leading re-siding expert in our local area, we recommend a full siding replacement if your current siding has reached the end of its service life. Extensive damage to your siding, however,  may require a full replacement. Fortunately, siding replacement can provide your home with a lot of noticeable benefits. For example. new siding can enhance your home’s appearance and make it look like new. It can also greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Eagle Creek Siding, LLC., installs high-quality vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding. Our siding products come in a wide range of colors, designs and profiles. We can help you quickly find the best siding for your home’s architectural style. Our products are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can withstand any kind of weather and protect your home for many decades.

You can rely on us for all of your residential and  commercial siding needs. Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, has been in business for decades, and we’ll use our experience and knowledge to complete your project in the quickest and most efficient way possible. We’re known for our commitment to excellence and our first-class products. Call us at (360) 570-0396 to learn more about our products and services or to request an estimate.

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