When Is the Best Time to Replace Siding?


Old, worn-out siding isn’t simply a blot on your home–it’s also unable to protect it the way it should. If you believe that your exterior is due for a renovation, you might be wondering when is the best time to call in a reliable re-siding or siding replacement contractor to take care of the task.

 Replace Siding

Siding Replacement in Warm Weather vs. Cold Weather

Vinyl, fiber cement and metal are among the most popular materials homeowners choose for their exterior walls. While each material has specific installation requirements to take into account, they all require moderate temperatures for optimal use and performance. For example, scorching- hot or bitterly-cold weather isn’t ideal for installing vinyl, as it’s sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can cause it to expand and contract.

Due to the pleasant weather, spring and fall are usually the recommended times to take on siding replacement. Of course, there are sometimes breaks in the winter chill and summer heat when temperatures become more tolerable, so if you can work with your installer, you might be able to take advantage of this option.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

According to multi-family siding companies, the best time to replace your siding is when all signs indicate that it’s necessary to do so, no matter the season. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • If your siding is warped, cracked or tends to sag, consider replacing it. Cracked or sagging siding can allow moisture to seep behind the panels, possibly resulting in decay or rot.
  • Hail damage is another telltale sign you need to call for a replacement. Sharp, hard-hitting hailstones can leave dents and holes in vinyl and aluminum siding, while powerful winds can cause sections of siding to be torn off.
  • When unaddressed, pest damage can cause serious damage to your home. If you frequently encounter issues with pests, you may want to switch to a cladding material that doesn’t attract insects and only requires minimal maintenance over the years, like fiber cement or aluminum siding.

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