Why Choose HardieTrim® Boards?


Even minor details such as your siding’s trim have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Remember: when it comes to exterior design, consistency is key. To maintain the consistency of your new exterior’s design, it’s best to stick to using products from trusted brands such as James Hardie®. 

If you’re putting the finishing touches on your exterior, we recommend choosing HardieTrim® boards. What makes HardieTrim boards different from other brands? Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, your trusted residential and commercial siding contractor, elaborates on their benefits below:

HardieTrim® Boards

HardieTrim boards last longer than other brands because, unlike conventional trim boards (which are made from oriented strand board (OSB) and wood composites), they’re made from fiber cement. Thanks to the material’s resistance to extreme temperatures and ability to withstand impact from hailstones and wind-driven debris, trim boards made from fiber cement last longer. 

It’s important to occasionally apply a fresh coat of paint to your siding. Otherwise, ultraviolet rays will cause exposed parts of it to fade. However, if you were to use HardieTrim siding boards, you wouldn’t need to worry as much about faded paint. HardieTrim boards feature ColorPlus® Technology, a unique, factory-applied color system that protects your siding from damaging UV rays and keeps its colors vibrant. 

Exterior Design Tips: Achieving Color Harmony With Your Trim 

When choosing new trim for your siding, don’t forget to choose one that complements your exterior. Here’s a pro-tip: while there’s nothing wrong with choosing trendy colors, it’s best to stick to neutral options, which complement a wide variety of colors and never go out of style. 

Important note: coordinating colors can be tricky. If you’re having trouble choosing a color for your siding’s trim, don’t hesitate to consult a re-siding contractor. 

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