Why Do Windows Sweat in the Summer?


Condensation can form during both hot and cold weather. In countries with hotter climates, the temperature outside is extremely high, while the indoors are heavily air-conditioned to combat the heat. Consequently, condensation often appears on the windows. Many people think that condensation on the outside of windows in the summer is a sign that something is wrong with their windows. But is this really true?

 Windows Sweat in the Summer

This article from professional decking installer Eagle Creek Siding, LLC will help you understand the relationship between windows and condensation and why your windows sweat during the summer season.

What Are Sweating Windows?

Sweating windows have condensation buildup on the surface of the glass. Because the temperature of the glass varies more than other parts of the house, windows are more susceptible to condensation.

Windows show the first signs of condensation in both the summer and winter due to the fact that the glass gets colder first in the winter and remains cooler in the summer than other materials in your home.

What Causes Condensation on Windows in the Summer?

The primary cause of condensation on windows in the summertime is excessively high indoor humidity levels. In the summer months, the air inside your home is often cooler than the air outside when you’re running your air conditioner. As a result, the interior side of the window glass can become foggy and wet as the moisture in the indoor air makes contact with the window, causing it to liquefy.

In most cases, exterior remodeling contractors will explain to you that energy-efficient windows can show signs of condensation during the summer. If your contractor has failed to explain this to you, don’t panic; your windows are functioning effectively.

How to Reduce Condensation on Windows During the Summer

To control condensation on your windows in the summer, you need to reduce your indoor humidity. Installing a dehumidifier, cleaning out your attic vents and using your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans can go a long way toward controlling indoor moisture levels. You might also want to take a look at waterproofing your basement floors and walls and adding extra insulation around your windows.

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