Why Energy-Efficient Windows Are the Way to Go


Is it time to replace your old, shabby windows with new ones? Selecting well-designed high-performance windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home, keeping its residents comfortable all-year-round. In this post, a reputable exterior remodeling company reveals why energy-efficient windows are the way to go.

energy-efficient windows
  • Reduced energy costs: Energy-efficient windows are designed to control the temperature inside your home, helping the occupants stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In fact, installing energy-saving windows has been known to save many homeowners nine to 18 percent on their heating and cooling bills every year.
  • Increased comfort: Old single-pane windows are prone to air leaks. As a result, heating and air conditioning systems are forced to work overtime to maintain the desired temperature inside the house. Meanwhile, modern energy-efficient windows are better insulated and equipped with features that prevent heat transfer between the interior and exterior.
  • Minimized condensation: With energy-efficient window replacement, better thermal performance of window components allows for increased relative humidity indoors. This prevents an array of issues due to condensation, such as reduced visibility and mold growth.
  • Reduced sound transmission: Windows made with gas fills can minimize unwanted sounds coming from the outdoor environment. Triple-pane windows have excellent noise-reducing capabilities, with some models reducing up to 50 percent more noise than single-pane windows.
  • Protected furniture: Low-E glass not only keeps out the heat, it also fends off ultraviolet rays from the sun. This feature can reduce their transmission by 50 to 70 percent, helping prevent the floors and furniture inside your home from fading prematurely.

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