Why You Should Build Your Deck in Late Winter or Early Spring


While the cold temperatures and occasional flurries might make you feel that winter is here to stay, spring will be here before you know it. Now is the time to plan what you’ll do to enjoy your time outdoors while basking in the warmth of the spring months. A brand-new deck is one of the best additions you can invest in to make your springtime more enjoyable. 

Build Your Deck

While deck building can be done at any time of the year, there are distinct reasons for doing it in late winter or early spring. Eagle Creek Siding, your go-to residential siding and deck contractor, shares these reasons below.

Contractors aren’t as busy. As most homeowners prefer building decks in the summer, doing it from late winter up to early spring instead is a breeze. There’s less demand, which means builders are more available to take on new projects and start your upgrade at the time most convenient to your schedule. The entire process – from consultation to installation – also tends to be much faster during this period.

You can get good discounts. Since it’s off-season for many contractors, suppliers may be willing to offer huge discounts to keep inventory moving. The cost of materials for deck replacement can go down by 30% during this period, which translates to more savings for the homeowner. 

More time to enjoy your deck. If you choose to wait until it gets warmer outside to build your deck, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it during the first few weeks of spring. This is a great time to witness the flowers bloom or host intimate events with your loved ones. Having your deck built in late winter or early spring can help you maximize your time with your new deck.

Count on the pros at Eagle Creek Siding to build the deck of your dreams whenever you need it to be done. From high-quality decks to top-notch James Hardie® siding, we’ve got everything you need to help boost your home’s exterior, no matter the season. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling (360) 529-5455 or completing our contact form. We’re ready to assist you.

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