Why You Should Have Your Siding Replaced Over the Winter


A siding replacement project is a significant home investment, and one that no homeowner should dive into uninformed. In fact, before getting this replacement project started, they first need to think about certain important factors, such as what materials to order, which contractor to hire and how big the budget will need to be in order to complete the project. However, there’s another important detail that you shouldn’t neglect to consider: the timing.Why You Should Have Your Siding Replaced Over the Winter

At one time or another you’ve likely heard someone say that you should have your siding replaced in the winter. While this may seem like a bad idea, there are actually a number of benefits to doing so. In this article, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC reveals the reasons why it can be a good idea to replace your siding during the winter season.

Convenient Installation Time

Winter is an off season for most siding contractors, as not a lot of homeowners think about having their siding replaced due to the cold weather. This means that most contractors have more time to cater to your specific wants and needs once you agree on the installation date, making winter the most convenient time of year to have new siding installed.

Fewer Landscaping Worries

If you were to schedule a siding installation project at any other time of the year, your installation crew would have to worry about working around your landscaping. By doing the installation in the winter, they won’t have to worry about accidentally crushing or flattening your prized flowers or favorite plants, making it easier for your crew to install the new siding.

Increase Your Home’s Value

New siding can bring a lot of long-term benefits to your home, especially if you have plans to sell in the near future. According to experts, the spring season is the best time of year to sell a home. Therefore, if you intend to sell, replacing your siding in the winter will add to your home’s overall value, and you’ll be better prepared to attract buyers to your property come spring.

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