Windows: Picking the Right Interior & Exterior Trim Colors


Many homeowners look at window trim as an ornamental element or something used to hide flaws. This component, however, is much more than that. When planning to install new windows, it’s important to pay attention to trim colors, as the right trim can complement both your interior and exterior design.  

Exterior Trim Colors

Here Eagle Creek Siding, the top provider of new windows and decking in the region, shares a few design tips to consider when choosing trim colors for your windows.

  • Pick the right white. Most homeowners choose white as their interior and exterior window trim color due to its innate versatility. You can pair it with virtually any color while promoting a clean, minimalistic design. If you have dark-colored walls, white trim can balance the mood and bring a lighter ambiance to both the interior and exterior. As with other colors, white comes in an array of shades and hues, ranging from warm to cool. Choose the perfect shade by holding a paint chip of your wall color up against various shades of white and seeing which combinations go well with your design.
  • Highlight your home’s features. If you want to shift the focus instead to your windows and door frames, use a trim color that’s darker than the woodwork when getting a window replacement. This is particularly helpful if you’re blessed with beautiful views, as darker trims can better capture the outdoors from the inside.
  • Don’t go overboard. Every homeowner is unique, which is why they want their home to have its own personality as well. As much as possible, though, avoid being trendy to the point that you go overboard with the design. Remember that the color you choose will be there for many years to come.

Eagle Creek Siding is here to help you with your window replacement and other exterior remodeling needs. Our design specialists can help you decide which window trim color to choose to enhance both the interior and exterior appeal of your home. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us at (360) 529-5455 or by completing our contact form today.

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